Centella Organic Facial Treatments

Facial Care

Crystal Clear Facial (75 mins)

  • An essential facial to hydrate and replenish skin's moisture. Recommended for all skin types.
Beauty benefits:
  • Deep Cleansing and detoxifying
  • Relaxing
  • Restore skin's PH Level

Anti -Acne Facial (90 mins)

  • This treatment prevents and repairs acne, acne damage on oily and combination skin. Through a powerful combination of highly effective active ingredients, it treats acne and acne scarring at the source with a holistic approach.
Beauty benefits:
  • Unclog the skin
  • Decrease sebum production
  • Soften the comedones making extractions easier and more effective
  • Prevent bacterial Proliferation
  • reduce redness of the skin
  • Reduce the formation of new scars

Intense Radiance Facial (90 mins)

  • Delivers a translucent and porcelain clearer skin that glows from within.
  • After a pampering intense Radiance Facial, you're instantly gratified with a silky smooth, hydrates and radiant complexion
Beauty benefits:
  • Infuse vitamins and rejuvenates tired skin (Perfect for special occasions - as often as desired)
  • 80% reduction in fine lines
  • Moisturizing results leave skin soft and glowing
  • Protective shield against oxidative stress